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First full scale test completed

Posted by gswift on December 6, 2012

The first full scale test has been carried out at Salford, which is a key milestone towards project delivery. This has involved a combination of cyclic loading to replicate, in this case, highway loading conditions. This was followed by a quasi-static load test to failure.

Monitoring of soil pressures on the arch barrel, displacements at a number of locations on the arch, and strains, as well as acoustic emissions and images for PIV analysis, a substantial amount of data has been collected.

In order to maximise the understanding of the behaviour of this complex arch-soil system, a number of further tests were conducted in addition to those initially programmed. For example, after the load test to failure, the arch barrel was 're-set' before being subjected to a number of cycles of loading followed by another load test to failure, in an effort to explore the residual capacity of these structures.


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