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Medium Scale Tests

Posted by gswift on January 10, 2013

Preliminary tests using the recently commissioned medium scale (1/4 scale) test rig at Sheffield are due to begin this month, so watch this space...



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[url=http://www.moschinooutletonline.com/iphone-cases.html]moschino case[/url] Converse All Star Sneakers Sale A classy Preference [url=http://www.moschinooutletonline.com/backpacks.html]moschino backpack[/url] The Converse sneakers were being ment for basketball courts but as time goes by several sport shoe manufacturing organizations appeared. It has initiated a style statement between film stars. James Dean was caught employing Converse Chuck All Star sneakers which gave the shoe line its accessibility while in the craze environment. Other present day motion picture stars like Ben Affleck, Joey Ramone and Kurt Cobain ended up also witnessed utilizing it.

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